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2010-03-26 14:15:13 by madrox1989

Greetings to all Newgrounds users! I've been an active fan of all Newgrounds entries ever since 1999, and created my own account in 2003, although I never could get a grip of the whole Flash animation thing. I'm just no visual artist lol. So, I've been playing around with FL Studio (Fruity Loops) on and off for the past year. Techno music is above all my favorite genre of music. Just love the ambient sounds and rythmic beats and heavy bass.

So, to give back to the community, I will be submitting my projects here.

About my style: Simple really, just a mesh of loops put together, mainly repetition that type of stuff. I would say anything between House, Trance, and EBM. Videogames are one of my main things :D I truly would love to see my music make it into any kind of games. So without further ado, my submissions will be on their way some time. Currently, it's take for freaking ever to get my first song approved >-< Regardless, thank you all who take the time to listen to my music! And thank you all of Newgrounds for so many years of Flash entertainment! And thank you volunteers who are approving my content! :D


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